Trees planted
Trees Planted
CO2 sequestered
CO2 Sequestered/Year
Monetary benefit
Monetary Benefit

3,000 Trees By 2022

Comprised of three separate CAL FIRE funded Grant programs, IVUF is dedicated to creating the Imperial Valley’s first Urban Forest. How can planting trees help our community? Simple! Trees are living, breathing organisms. On the exterior they provide shade, aesthetics, and protection. On the interior, they absorb harmful pollutants and clean the air we breathe. In short, trees are environmental powerhouses! They increase the VALUE of our property while giving us safer air to breathe.

In the Valley, community is everything. And at Imperial Valley Urban Forest, we want to share our love of trees with our community. Through education and research, we’ve designated a list a species that will thrive in our desert climate - and we want to plant one in YOUR YARD!

BY 2022, IVUF will plant 3,000 trees across the County. Are you IN?